Lead partner: Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection (Germany)

Partner: Ministry of Environment and Energy (Croatia)

The project is co-financed by the European Union within Interreg Danube Transnational Programme from European Regional Development Fund.

Project duration: 36 months (1.1.2017.-31.12.2019.)

Budget: 299,350.00 EUR, EU contribution: 254,447.50 EUR

The objective of the project is to increase the stability and efficiency of governance of PA 06. This will be reached through enhancement of operational capacity and by strengthening the ownership of PA 06 and the EUSDR at the level of its Steering Group (SG) and Tasks Forces (TF), further to create synergies with other EUSDR implementing bodies and relevant institutional actors in Danube policy. The expected change from the implementation of this project is an improved coordination and implementation of the strategy in PA 06. It shall mark a considerable perpetuation, stabilization and improvement of the experiences made in the implementation of PA 06 so far.


Work Packages and Activities:


WP1 Management, Publicity and Communication of the PA is dedicated to manage the implementation of PA 06 on daily basis and includes the facilitation of Steering Group meetings and attendance of PACs at other relevant meetings.


WP2 Policy Development of the PA includes developing Policy Document Fostering Ecological Connectivity, Policy Report Ecosystem Services in the Danube Region and thematic study Opportunities and proposals for a revised roadmap.


WP3 Cooperation and Coordination of the PA. This WP is dedicated to improve the coordination, cooperation and correlation of PA 06 with other Priority Areas in order to better identify and make use of synergies but also to detect potential conflict of individual targets and actions of Priority Areas (e.g. economical development and nature protection) at an early stage and to develop joint solutions. The organization of Task Force meetings which are directly connected to PA 06 are one of the core activities of this WP and also of the PA 06 approach to involve stakeholders, net-works and platforms.


The main result of the project is the increased stability and efficiency of governance in preserving biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils. The project contributes to the programme result indicator through enhancement and stabilization of more target oriented implementation mechanisms within the PA 06 by supporting the policy development and usage of cutting edge knowledge and best practices and by supporting the increase number of involved actors in order to facilitate the on-ongoing development of future projects initiatives of the PA as well as funding opportunities and capacities of the stakeholders.


Better coordination and implementation of PA 06 goals, targets and actions will be reached through organization and attendance of SG meetings, PACs in 7 TF meetings and of PACs in 4 EUSDR / DSP meetings. The visibility of PA 06 is supported by 1 Photo contest on biodiversity. The on-going and development of future projects supported through organization of TF meetings, learning sessions for SG members enlarged with representatives of biodiversity sector coordinators of other MRS, through fostering PA exchange and by developing a Study on how to better exploit funding opportunities. Policy development and policy initiatives will be fostered through development of 3 tools comprehending and In-Depth analysis of ecological connectivity, a Policy report on Ecosystem Services and a Thematic study on PA 06 Roadmap.