1) By 2020 strengthen the work on halting the deterioration in the status of all species and habitats covered by EU nature legislation in order to achieve a significant and measurable improvement, adapted to the special needs of the respective species and habitats in the Danube Region.


2) Enhance the work on establishing green infrastructure and the process of restoration of at least 15% of degraded ecosystems, including soil, in order to maintain and enhance ecosystems and their services by 2020 in the Danube Region and to improve air quality.


3) Encourage achieving significant progress in identification and prioritization of Invasive Alien Species and their pathways in order to control or eradicate priority species, to manage pathways and to prevent the introduction and establishment of new Invasive Alien Species in the Danube Region by 2020.


4) Continue the ongoing work and efforts to securing viable populations of Danube sturgeon species and other indigenous fish species by 2020.